Meet the Team.

Joel McElhannon
Managing Partner

An accomplished marketing, communications and campaign strategist, Joel McElhannon serves as the Managing Partner of Parlay Marketing Partners, LLC & Parlay Political, LLC.

McElhannon’s expertise has been featured in national and international publications including NBC News, BBC Radio, The New York Times, The Boston Herald, The Economist, The LA Times, The Associated Press, Reuters, Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, and National Journal.

Today, McElhannon serves as the senior political advisor and chief strategist to many of Georgia’s most influential elected officials.

A veteran of hundreds of statewide, federal, judicial, legislative, and local campaigns in nearly every southeastern state, McElhannon’s unrivaled win record over his two decade career has been noted by Georgia’s top political journalists.

Political columnist Bill Shipp called Bill Heath’s 2002 defeat of Georgia’s legendary Democrat House Speaker Tom Murphy, at the time the nation’s longest serving House Speaker, a “truly historic shift in Georgia politics”. Long time Georgia Gang host and political reporter Dick Williams called the 2006 campaign that upset nationally recognized conservative leader Ralph Reed and saw Casey Cagle become Georgia’s first Republican Lt. Governor, “one of the best ever run in this state”.

In 2014, McElhannon served as the lead political strategist and campaign consultant for the Georgia Republican Party’s Victory program, an unprecedented voter turnout and engagement program that laid the foundation of the Republican sweep across the Peach State.


If you want to win a tough campaign, Jeremy Brand better be on your team. A rising star in Georgia politics, Brand has served as chief strategist for nearly 100 political campaigns, ballot initiatives and PR battles and boasts an unmatched 78% win rate.

As a partner at Parlay Political, Jeremy Brand has accomplished in years what it takes many to accomplish in a lifetime.

In the last eight years, Brand has orchestrated the victories for numerous ballot referendums and candidates at all levels of government including nearly ¼ of the members of the House Republican Caucus, numerous members of the Georgia State Senate, 1/2 of the Administrative Floor leaders for the Governor, and the Commission Chairmen of two of Georgia’s largest counties.

Brand’s success is due to his unwavering commitment to hard work, his loyalty to the clients he serves and his willingness to do what others refuse to do.

While juggling multiple campaigns around the state, Brand will still put on a campaign t-shirt and join in the canvassing efforts for his clients. For the consulting class, Brand’s loyalty and work ethic are baffling. For Brand’s clients, his willingness to get down in the trenches is motivational. For Jeremy Brand, walking neighborhoods with those that trust his counsel is just another perk of the job.

That’s why Jeremy Brand has earned the reputation as being the consultant you want in the foxhole with you.

Prior to his work as a campaign strategist, Brand served as Deputy Finance Director for Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s 2006 campaign, and as the Deputy Campaign Manager and Finance Director for Brian Kemp’s campaign for Agriculture Commissioner. Brand also worked as a Senate Finance Committee Aide for former Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers and as a Government Affairs Manager and Contract Administrator for KLiP Interactive.

When All Your Chips Are On The Table, Bet on Parlay.

In every campaign, there’s a winner and loser.

You may be the right candidate. You may have the resources necessary to win. But your campaign’s success hinges on hiring the right professionals to craft and execute a winning campaign.

Parlay Political, LLC is the premier campaign consulting company in Georgia with an unmatched record of success.

The Parlay Political team has decades of combined experience in leading hundreds of campaigns of all sizes to victory. We only work with a select group of the very best candidates and causes in order to provide our clients with services that lead the industry in effectiveness, quality, and innovation.

The Bottom Line: Parlay Political offers the experience, expertise, and relationships necessary to help committed leaders win the offices they seek.

While many consulting shops provide only cookie-cutter campaigns at an astronomical cost, you can trust Parlay Political to provide the best quality services at the best possible price and a winning campaign custom built for you.